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Home » game News » Emotes and Custom Macros for Age of Conan

Emotes and Custom Macros for Age of Conan

by windshell

Recently released MMORPG, Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures introduced many improvements and useful features in the gameplay. One of them are emotes, where AoC gives an opportunity to the players to build their own custom macros using emotes.

Emotes are not new feature in the world of MMORPGs. However, AoC introduced a variety of emotes to ensure unique expressions for every player in various situations in the game.
AoC also introduced a possibility to create common macros for the daily life emotes. Here are some tips how to do that.

Accessing Emotes

To access emotes in Age of Conan game you can do following:

1) Type /emote then hit tab twice to get full list and select emote you want to perform.
2) Simply type forward slash and emote,
3) Use a Macro

Full Age of Conan Emote List:

To use emotes you need to create a macro for any that interests you. You will then need to leave the macro window open and click on the script that you want to use.
But first you have to install emotes.

Installing Emotes

Emotes in Age of Conan are separated on male’s and female’s. These two links below contain packages of emotes you have to download in order to proceed.

Male Emotes:
Female Emotes:

Installation steps:

1) Download the appropriate .zip file based on your character's gender.

2) Unzip the file. Copy/Paste the scripts folder to your own C:Program FilesFuncomAge of Conan directory. The text files should be in your scripts subdirectory.
3) Start Age of Conan
4) Once you're in-game on your character type the following:
    /setoption chat_macro_window true

5) Once the macro window is open, click on "New"
6) Name the Macro whatever you want; I'd suggest using the same name as the .txt file
7) In the content box type "/nameofscript.txt" Unfortunately, you must do this for each emote you want to be able to use. Not all of emotes are likely to be useful or necessary, so pick and choose the ones you'd like to include. You can choose from the list posted above.
8) The macro window will need to remain open or will need to be reopened each time you want to use emote. The window can be resized and moved by dragging the edges.

Creating Macros

Third way of accessing emotes in game, as being said above, is by creating macros. Macros are in short small script files for almost every emote that combine the /emote command, /say, and HTML color codes to mimic emote descriptions in the chat window. These emotes are, when applicable, name, target, and gender specific.

For example if you want a macro that makes you bow then type,

'/Macro BOW /emote bow'
That will create a macro and place it in your macro window (you just double click it in your macro window then and it will perform it)
(Format: /macro YOUR-MACRO-NAME /<action>)

You can make these scripts very easily in notepad. All you have to do is type your text in notepad as you would ingame, save it then delete the .txt off the filename. Put it into the scripts folder inside your AoC Directory.

Then you just type in the script file name ingame and that would be it. Your emotes should work.

Here’s a basic macro:

/v Hello World!

-Copy and paste the quoted text into notepad.
-Save that as 's-hello.txt' (for example)
-Delete .txt off the end
-Put it in the scripts folder inside your AoC Directory
-When ingame type /s-hello (or whatever file name you have chosen) and it will say 'Hello World' in vicinity chat followed by your character bowing.

You can also add colors to your text

/v <font color="#FF0000">Hello World!</font>

That would make 'Hello World' bright red in the chat.

Here is the list of the HTML colors with their codes you can use:

HTML color codes and names:

A bit complex example would be Sending a Threat emote:

Take 'SlitThroat.txt' script and change it from this:

/emote slitthroat

/say You are a <font color="#ff0000">dead</font> man.

To this:

/emote slitthroat

/say You are a <font color="#ff0000">dead</font> man, %t.

Where the '%t' is name of the target and that will put target's name into the macro for extra effect. Basically, slit throat threat becomes more effective.

That would be some basic tips. You can experiment and make macros on your own, depending on your mood, guild insignia or language, knowledge, etc.

Also, here is the useful Video Emotes Guide for each emote separately:

I hope this will help all current and future AoC players.

* Code Legend:

/v = vicinity
/g = group channel
/gu = guild channel
/s = shout
/w 'Players name' (use capitalization in player names else it doesn’t work) = whisper
/t = tell
/r = reply
/em = emote
/emote = emote

%t = Your current target
%m = Your current character name
%1 = First word after script file name.
%2 = Second word after script file name.
%3 = third word and so on.