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Choosing the Health Foods to Improve Sell RO2 Gold Immunity

The key of the vegetarian to keep the health is to the body improve Sell RO2 Gold immunity. Colored fruits and vegetables are the most effective source of antioxidants. The latter is the key to enhance the immune system. According to Dr. Susan introduced, in the cells of our bodies, aerobic and oxidation process is working at any time, and the process is part of normal metabolism. But oxygen also has a negative effect, as it allows the iron to rust or cut apple turns brown. If the oxidation could not be restrained, it will damage the vivo cell and tissue.

It will from a highly reactive molecule during the oxidation process - oxygen free radicals. If you so not control it, it will damage our DNA. Just like the smoothing sturdy iron, it will rust if it put in the air for a long time. Cell damage which was caused by oxidation is considered to be the source of human aging and a variety of diseases. So keep large amounts of antioxidants can help reduce this oxidative stress to help enhance immune function.

The antioxidant capacity of colored fruits and vegetables are from their rich colors: red strawberry, green broccoli, orange carrots, purple grape ...... the reason they can present a variety of colors, because these colored substances can protect plants against atmospheric oxidation process. Why they could show use the colors, because of these substances can absorb visible light. In other words, the nature of this chemical can neutralize free radical damage. For example as an apple, the complete apples can be stored for several days, but a cut apple will be oxidized into brown soon. This is because the red apple peel contains oxidation-resistant substances.

Expect for the colored substances can help antioxidant, fruits and vegetables also contain a variety of other antioxidants, which can help strengthen you own antioxidant defense system. Vitamin C, E and other antioxidants are common. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, and lycopene antioxidant capacity is 20 times than the vitamin C. E. Expect for these, grape, green tea and broccoli are common excellent antioxidant food on the market.