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Do you complain about the reality is Sell RS Gold cruel?


Have you complain like this? Do you complain about your family and your birth Sell RS Gold when you grow up? Do you complain about your teachers and classmates when you are in school? Do you complain the examination questions are difficult when you fail in the exam? Do you complain your appearance when you fall in love with someone? Do you make up your mind to get ahead when you give up your study? Do you imagine the wonderful social when you step into society on the first day? Do you complain about your tired work when you have your first work? Do you regret that why you not study hard when your scold you? Do you complain about your salary is too low when you get the salary? Do you complain about the reality is cruel? To tell the truth, I have experienced those above, but I have tried hard to change, I can only change what I can change, and then accept what we can not change. I can not choose my family and birth, I have no rights to change. I choose to get along well with my teachers and classmates. When I fail in the exam, I do not complain about everyone and everything, because I do not study hard when I am in school. I can not change anything in the cruel reality, but I can only choose to accept everything calm that God gives me.