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Expectant Mothers Should Pay Attention to Sell WOW Gold Supply Calcium

In the special period, expectant mothers demand for a large of Sell WOW Gold calcium. Some foods are the “friends” which contains the rich calcium, so they should eat a lot. Some foods may affect pregnant women to absorb calcium, so people need to try to avoid the "calcium enemy.”

Expectant mothers need to try to avoid some foods. Expect for the well-known carbonated drinks, salt, fatty acids, some vegetables, they also need to pay attention to the oxalic acid and phytic acid. Spinach, bamboo and other foods contains oxalic acid and phytic acid, which is easy to affect calcium absorption, so people should not eat. In the staple food, phytic acid of rice and flour combine with calcium of digestive tract and it will produce phytin salts the body could not absorb, which greatly reduce the body's absorption of calcium.

Therefore, pregnant women can use the warm water to soak the rice for a while, so that the majority of rice phytase will be decomposed by phytic acid.

Many pregnant mothers worry about that much calcium can cause dystocia, so they dare not supply calcium. They may consider "if they eat more calcium, the child's head will harden, which easily lead to dystocia."

In the early pregnancy, pregnant mothers require the same calcium as the normal calcium, so they do not supply the calcium specially, while women who pregnant four months demand for calcium daily is 1000mg ~ 1500mg with the development of the fetal skeleton. It is not enough to intake the calcium from the diet, people should intake from the foods which contain the calcium and the calcium table. As ordinary women, expect for the normal daily meals, and then extra 500-600 mg of calcium supplement is more appropriate.

Meanwhile, pregnant mothers should sun outside, which is conducive to calcium absorption. If the sunshine time is not enough, you should add vitamin D.

Expect for this, pregnant women still need to adhere to calcium after delivery, especially during lactation. If breastfeeding mothers are lack of calcium in the body, the mother body calcium reduced, which result in the bones of calcium freed to prone to osteoporosis.