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Female Should Protect Breast Sell Anarchy Credits Health


Core Tip: Does the frigidity have a relationship with breast disease? Yes! If female has Sell Anarchy Credits long-term frigidity, it may result in breast tenderness, breast lobular hyperplasia and even breast cancer.

Expect for affecting the normal married life, the frigidity also make female’s breast injured. Because of this reason, frigidity women should do aggressive treatment of the disease to prevent the occurrence of breast disease, which avoid gynecological diseases.

Female frigidity let breast tenderness

When the women enter into sexual excitement, breast will increase because of congestion. When they achieve the orgasm, the breasts will be larger 1/4 than usual. After getting the sexual satisfaction, the cyclical changes of breast congestion and swelling subsided is conducive to promoting the blood circulation of the breast.

Frigidity makes the sexual desire under the suppression condition. If female cannot to meet the long-term objective, congestion and swelling of the milk households is not easy to dissipate or subsided completely, and persistent swelling makes breast pain.

Female frigidity prompted lobular hyperplasia

Hyperplasia of mammary glands was also known as mammary glands, which is the most common female breast disease, accounting for about 60% of breast disease. The diseases mostly are the age of 35-45, a small number of patients will be transferred into breast cancer. The study found that frigidity or sexual disharmony is the important predisposing factors of hyperplasia of mammary glands.

Adverse mental stimulation leads to unhappy and lonely anxiety and they are the “catalyst” for the hyperplasia of mammary glands. Frigidity people always are under the suppression condition, which result in endocrine disorders and the lack of regulation. With the passage of time, they are likely to suffer from breast lobular hyperplasia.

Female frigidity induced breast cancer

Some dates indicate that among the breast cancer patients, females who are unmarried with senior citizens, sexual dysfunction, the widowed female ratio was higher than other groups significantly. This suggests that normal sex life and frigidity women increase the risk of breast cancer greatly. Women who are under the metal depression prone to get the frigidity, these people are prone to breast cancer. When women feel that breasts are pain, they should go to the hospital to check.