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Have a Meeting in the Ice Sell FFXI GIL Room


In July 2001, just shortly after taking office, Samsung CEO Lee Kun-hee decide to Sell FFXI GIL change the situation which the Samsung products fully behind the Japanese electronics, therefore, he even also shouted "expect for his wife and children, everything should change," he hope that staffs can change the style of lazy and act quickly and efficiently.

However, practice is not really easy. For example, the most common meeting, due the bad habit, Samsung executives every time in the open meeting, the vast majority of participants are nonsense, say less focus up, efficiency is extremely low. A very ordinary meetings often opened for several hours, but also difficult to have a good result, which makes Lee was a headache, even though he always remind everyone to improve efficiency, but all to no avail

That winter, one day, Lee and we had a meeting convened to resolve product sales. I did not expect the meeting began shortly after the conference room heating will be a problem, not heating. Soon, the huge room wills cold as ice chamber, frozen participants who straight stamping.

Results, the day's meeting soon ended, many earlier than usual, and the effect is surprisingly good, the questions asked are raised, the problems are also solved - originally due cold sake, everyone In their speeches concise, quick fix, there is little superfluous nonsense.

This accidental incident gave Lee a great inspiration, but also let him find a good way to improve the efficiency of the meeting. Next, Lee makes the company specializes renovated a 50 square meter conference room, and make it year round to maintain the internal temperature below 0 °, Lee will be named the "zero ice room."

After every important meeting, Lee will be placed "zero ice room" in the open, even if it is cold winter. Consequently, as we are afraid of the cold sake, meeting efficiency really improved a lot at once, usually several hours long meeting, are only 10-15 minutes to the end, and usually some seemingly difficult to solve, can also efficient in the "zero ice room" where to get a complete solution.

People change certain behaviors or habits, simple reasoning and preaching is often the most ineffective, most pale, and the design with the vital interests of a hook, and do not want to get behavioral outcomes, is the most direct and effective.