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He has never given me space to Sell WOW Gold change


One of my male friends complained to me about his girlfriend, he said: "I really can not Sell WOW Gold stand her because I love browsing bookstores, but she only loves shopping; I like art films, but she always yawn when she watches it with me; when we go to the museum, she complains that her foot is sore…" Two days later, the girl came to visit me and she burst into tears. After they broke up, the girl changed a lot, she went to learn foreign language after work, and listened to the lectures at weekend. Six months later, she met her ex-boyfriend in the photography exhibition accidentally, my male friend was very surprised: "This is the girlfriend that I want to have before." They went out to have dinner, and when the man sent her to home, the man closed to her face in the car, but she pushed him gently. "I have changed but you are still the same as before. Can you tell me whether you have learnt to accompany your girlfriend to go shopping?" And then, she got off and left. "I want to change because of him." The girl said to me. "I always think that I am so stupid when I am with him. After we break up, I have courage to try new things, and then I find his world is not profound. Actually, he wants me to change, but he has never given me space to change. With this insight, I finally come out, but I am still very grateful to him because he let me have no self-confidence, but finally, I am more confident."