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He sent her daughter to his parents to take Sell WOW Gold care


The news reported that a five years old girl was beaten to death by her biological Sell WOW Gold father. When I read the news, I was so aching. When the girl was about one year old, her biological mother went out for work, and she did not come back anymore, so the girl did not see her mother. Because her father had to work, so he sent her daughter to his parents to take care. However, he did not give money to his parents, they were very poor, the girl did not eat meat but rice porridge and sweet potatoes. Her father did not see her since he went out for work. When the girl was five years old, it was time to go to school, so the old man wanted his son to let the daughter go to school. And then, the man took the girl back. However, he thought the girl was too naughty, so he began to beat her. As long as the girl was intractable, the man will beat her heavy. Finally, the girl was beaten to death. The man was afraid, so he sent the girl to his parents and told them that the girl tumbled and died. The old parents did not suspect, but their neighbors thought it was suspicious, so they called the police, and the man confessed to the crime. I really can not imagine how a man can beat his daughter to death!