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He wanted us to know the relationship between Sell WOW Gold ecology

Our teacher said a story in class: once, a man put two cups of the same water in the Sell WOW Gold different places of the same environment. And then, every day he said to one cup of water with praise words, and said to another cup of water with offensive words. After a period of time, he found a cup of water was full of vitality, it is very clear, but another cup of water is muddy. At that time, people explained water had life and perception, it can feel that you like it or not, of course, it is just a legend, and no one proved it. Finally, our teacher let us do a test, he let us take two apples to do the same test, I did not know if there was someone did it, but I did not do it. But I seemed to understand what our teacher said, actually, he did not really want us to do the test, but he wanted us to know the relationship between ecology, mankind and nature. There lives smart human on the earth, the human is very smart, but human are very sad and ignorant. I do not know how to describe me, someday, when I suddenly find a pile of skinned frogs, the frogs are stripped of skin, and they still keep moving, keep struggling, my heart is tight at that moment, those frogs are so painful that we cannot experience.