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How To Far Away From the Sell WOW Gold Cancer

Due to environmental pollution, unhealthy lifestyles, excessive mental stress and other Sell WOW Gold reasons, China is at the transition period from the developing country to the developed country. At the same time, environmental factors, diet or geographical differences, cancer shows the geographical features.

Lung cancer is the NO.1 among all the cancer. People tend to believe that there is a great correlation between lung cancer and environmental pollution. Hainan air and environment is excellent, so the lung cancer population should be less. Lung cancer is the most common tumors of the lung, the current study found that the cause of lung cancer related to atmospheric pollution, and also has the relationship with the smoking. The producers and users who are always contact with the asbestos, formaldehyde and pesticides are the carcinoma of the lungs. Radon pollution of the indoor building materials and chronic lung disease also can cause lung cancer.

People who are over the age of 50 have long-term history of smoking, or smell passive smoking is more than 20 years, or long-term work in a closed and dust particles, only if you meet two parts; you should do a low-dose spiral CT scan screening regularly every year. At the same time, lung cancer is a disease which is mainly caused by environmental factors, tobacco control and prohibition of smoking has positive meaning lung cancer prevention.

Hepatitis B is spread through blood, saliva and semen. The expert believes that people should pay attention to personal hygiene to minimize to the poor sanitary conditions of roadside stalls or restaurants. When you are at meals, you should use the public chopsticks to cut off saliva; and try you best to use the own toothbrush, towels, cups and dishes; develop a habits to wash the hands when you want to eat something; far away from poor health qualification barber shop, beauty salon or informal health facilities; carries condoms to prevent the spread of hepatitis B virus when you have the sexual life.

The expert said that the NPC is a polygenic disease, and its etiology has not yet been determined. It often involves the interaction between multiple genes or between genes and environment.