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How We Can Under the Meaning of Sell WOW Gold Water Fat

Did the water can cause fat? It sounds just a silly joke. When we come to Sell WOW Gold this topic, you cannot fail to mention one of the words: "water fat".

In order to discharge the metabolism waste, the human body will form about 60 milliliters of urine, and the capacity of the bladder capacity is about 200 ml. Therefore, when people are under the sleep condition, they also have the feeling to urinate.

In order to prevent interference of the sleep, the body will self-adjust and control the function of the kidneys to excrete waste; so that its original urine which is ready to excreted the body will be keep until tomorrow. So when people get up early, the body will be very "inflation", which the formation of the so-called "fat" water state.

In general, “water fat” is a normal physiological phenomenon, and there is no difference between men and women. It can be said that this phenomenon will appear for everyone who are get up early. The reason why that face “water fat" gives people the illusion fat, only just because of it is sensitive to changes of the face, after a while, it will eliminate naturally.

But we should point out that "water fat” is a normal physiological phenomenon. After domestic introduction of the word, it was used to refer to a pathological phenomenon, namely metabolic disorders. Water cannot be excreted normally, which results in swelling of the body, weight increase and formation of obesity illusion. According to reports, there are extreme cases: drink a liter of water will increase 1 kg of weight. The main cause of this pathological phenomenon is that people intake too much salt or sugar, so that the blood osmotic pressure become high to lead to intracellular water flow into the body fluids, and then form edema or edema.

Under a normal state, no matter drink how much water, the body will not become fat, but just will appear temporary fat. This is a normal physiological phenomenon. The so-called "fat" Water is the body swelling or edema pathological phenomena. The culprit is to intake excessive salt or sugar. The two are not confused.

In summary, drinking water will not lead to fat, but the water cannot be discharged form puffiness is a pathological phenomenon.