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How to Choose the Food for Patients with Sell Runescape Gold Diabetes

With the accelerated pace of life, we often eat ready-made food or frozen foods, and a corresponding Sell Runescape Gold reduction in fresh fruits and vegetables, poultry, livestock, fish, and other unprocessed natural foods. When we purchase, we can buy bananas, we never buy bananas pudding; we can buy pork, we never buy sausages; we should buy fresh vegetables, rather than with the off-the-shelf high-fat salad dressing salad. So you can intake of most vitamins and minerals, rather than eat processed foods, excess salt, sugar, starch and fat. It is worth mentioning that patients with diabetes should limit the vegetable oil to 25 grams a day.

Whole grains contain endosperm, germ and bran and whole grains. Some studies showed that if people eat more grains, the body's sensitivity to insulin is higher, and the lower the probability of diabetes. You can regard to eating whole grains for three times a day as target: at breakfast, you can change to eat bread which was made of whole grains, or eat a bowl of cereal or whole grain oatmeal; you can eat a whole wheat bread to instead of white bread at lunch; at dinner you can eat a corn or the consumption of brown rice. However, for patients with diabetes mellitus, whole grains are better.

The colorful represent a variety of plant nutrients including antioxidants. Antioxidants can neutralize diabetic’s excessive free radicals (free radicals can damage cells and affect their health). The deeper color of the vegetables and fruits is better; you can choose a fresh red bell pepper and tomatoes, orange carrots, mango or the red meat cantaloupe, green broccoli and spinach, purple cabbage. This meal is not only attractive, but also adds multi-level taste.

Some people mistakenly believe that diabetes cannot eat sweet foods and should control the food. But salty bread, crackers, and market a large number of diabetes-specific sweetener food without sugar, hunger can fill their stomachs do not have control. In fact, it is common sense blind spot. Scientific research tells us that diabetes increases the risk of heart disease; diabetes intake of saturated fat cannot exceed 7% of total calories (a day intake of 2000 kcal diet, only up to 15 grams of saturated fat intake). In addition, patients with diabetes blood pressure are relatively high, the daily intake of salt should be less than 5 g salt intake should be less than 3 grams, and for patients with diabetic nephropathy. So, eat salty food for diabetes is not desirable.