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How to Choose the Pillow Sell WOW Gold Covers

Core Tip: 10 years ago, pillow covers is essential for the bedding, but with the lifestyle changes, they Sell WOW Gold gradually fade out of people's lives. In fact, compared to the pillowcase, pillow covers is convenient to wash, which is more conducive to skin health and sleep, so we want to get the habits of using the pillow covers back.

"If you just wash your face, but not clean the pillow covers, it is equivalent to not wash your face." The expert said. The pillow covers are easy to stain dander, dust mites, fungi, and bacteria of hair and skin grease, dirt and so on. The pillow covers have more opportunities and time to contact with the facial towel. If you only pay attention to the facial skin clean and ignore the pillow covers clean, it is tantamount to not wash. The skin is the first line of defense against the outside "violation", and also is the first barrier for the body to prevent the ingress of microorganisms and parasites. As we all know, sleep is a golden opportunity to beauty, if the pillow covers are dirty, they will become a hotbed of breeding ground for dust mites and bacteria. At this time, the bacteria will invade the skin, so it will bring a range of skin problems such as large pores, acne and skin allergies. Therefore, under normal circumstances, it should change pillow covers two or three days. People who have severe acne, skin infections or allergies should be replaced once a day.

The expert said that pillow covers had best to choose cotton material and light-colored is appropriate. I think the white is the best. For the white bedding, they are used less harmful materials, so it will have fewer damages to the health. At the same time, white are easy to determine whether the pillow covers were cleaned completely, which could urge people to replace. When you clean the pillow covers, you had best to use the hands to wash. If you use the machine to clean, the water temperature should be controlled between 54 ° C to -66 ° C and washed for 15-20 minutes. You had to let them to accept the sunshine, so that it could achieve the effect of sterilization.