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How to Choose the Underwear for the Sell Tera Gold Female

When we buy underwear, how do we pick the most suited underwear for Sell Tera Gold us? Woman underwear is very important for a woman's physical and mental health. Suitable underwear not only shows the curvy body of woman, but also from the physical to make a woman feel comfortable and relaxed, which could let women away from the risk of gynecological diseases brought.

The expert recommends female friends that they should choose cotton material underwear. Cotton material is the not only comfortable, but also plays the role of inhibitory. Expect for this, female also could choose the modal underwear. But if you are allergies, it is best not try other materials easily expect for cotton underwear.

Admittedly, the thong is indeed full of charm. If female wear it, she could become a sexy angel, and let your man captivated. Actually, thong has many health risks. If women wear such underwear, it will cause the bacterial infection, which is easy to get gynecological diseases and also tends to cause the bacteria to enter the body of a woman to against cervical health.

In order to pursue sexy, some female friends like to buy some small size or low waist pants. In fact, this is not right. Low waist pants cannot play the role to inhibited bacterium and make women comfortable, but easy to take bacteria into the woman's body to cause all kinds of discomfort. When you buy the underwear, you should buy the underwear which is comfortable fitting, so it can prevent the bacterial into the body.

A lot of female friends like put underwear into the washing machine. One reason is that it is very convenient, and another reason is that they feel machine can lean cloths well. Actually, this view is wrong. Using the machine to clean the underwear is not a wisdom choice, but will bring bacteria of machine into the underwear. The best way is to use hand to wash. Hand wash can increase the density of friction, which will help local cleaning, so as to wash the underwear cleaner.

As we all know, a woman's private parts is a weak acid environment, so the cleaning supplies are generally alkaline. So we should choose the cleaning agent which has the not strong alkalinity and also have the better cleaning ability, such as soap or soap sterilization ability.