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How to Clean the Underwear Sell Rappelz Rupees Well

A lot of people feel that using hands to wash underwear is clean. In fact, hand Sell Rappelz Rupees washing and machine washing has its own advantages and disadvantages. Hand washing can clean the cloths well, but the detergents are not easy to rinse; Machine washing could remove the detergents, but not is easy to rinse completely. No matter is the hand washing or the machine washing, you should wash and rinse completely.

Everyone has the different method to clean the underwear, and now I will describe some more practical methods-- detergents: it can clean cloths completely, but stubborn stains cannot be washed thoroughly. The bleach cleaning: it has bactericidal effect to remove yellow stains, but chloride of bleach has the strong irritating, so you should pay attention to the bleach residue, which have the large stimulation to private parts stimulation. Boiled hot water wash: It is recommended, it is recommended that you can boil the underwear for 15 minutes, which can sterilize complete, and have the better clean effect.

Because of the underwear contact with the special physiological location closely, so there are special requirements for health. If you mix the coat with underwear to clean, it is easy to let external pathogens and sources of pollution reach the underwear. Especially for the socks, it is easy to infect mold. If you clean them with the underwear, the mold will spread to the underwear.

Because the underwear is more personal clothing, so you should prepare a special basin or utensils, in particular do not use the foot basin to pack the cloths. Because of it easily lead to bacterial infection.

During the physiological period, girls are easy to let blood stains on the underwear. You just use cold water to clean when the blood just stains, and mostly can be washed off. But if the blood stains dry and hard, you can drop hydrogen peroxide, so the blood stains will be able to effectively break down.

UV is the best natural disinfection system, it is best to allow cleaning underwear to sun. If you really do not have the chance, the expert recommend use high temperature to process.