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How to Deal With the Premature Ovarian Sell RO2 Gold Failure


Normal ovarian function began to decline at the age 45 to 50. If it declined before 40 years old, the medical called it Sell RO2 Gold as premature ovarian failure. Women often accompanied by amenorrhea or less menses. Studies have shown that the incidence of premature ovarian failure among women of childbearing age id only 1%. According to clinical observations, 1% of the cause of premature ovarian failure just has the relationship with genetic and immune factors. Some drugs or ovarian surgery may also lead to premature ovarian failure, but it does not like the legend said, which has great relevance to the external factors such as stress and diet.

At present, medical research on ovarian function and premature ovarian failure thought that genes are the fundamental factors cause premature ovarian failure. Although studies have shown that work pressure, long-term anxiety or depression will give women a great deal of harm on metal, which results in irregular menstruation, endocrine disorders and other symptoms, thus affecting the normal function of the ovaries. But these cannot be considered the fundamental and direct reason to cause premature ovarian failure.

Why more and more white-collar women’s menopausal symptoms in advance, so they suspected that they are premature ovarian failure. The experts believe that the vast majority are psychological problems. This kind of psychological problem was called “neurasthenia “in the past. The main performance is fatigue, easy to get angry, sweating, insomnia and decreased energy. For now, this is a depression. Could it be regard as a depression, it may be diagnosed by a doctor.

There are many methods to treat premature ovarian failure, and the most common method is to make artificial ovary technology to enable women to re-menstrual to maintain the normal function of the organ. But these women cannot have children, because the eggs in the menstrual are not health. If women want to have children, they can only take the artificially fertilized eggs. But women still have to pay attention to decompression.

White-collar women who are after 30 years old should pay attention to work and rest to spice up their own state of mind. If you feel the symptoms and persistent sustained, you should go to hospital to do treatment. Spa, massage and beauty help to relieve physical and mental, so you can choose these methods to keep vitality.