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Home » game News » How to Deal With the Sell Raiderz Gold Wounds

How to Deal With the Sell Raiderz Gold Wounds

75% alcohol can be used to disinfect the complete skin, Sell Raiderz Gold such as before inject the muscle, and you can use the alcohol to disinfect. Due to the alcohol has the strong stimulation, so it could not used to the disinfection of abrasions of the skin and mucosa and wound. For deeper wounds, alcohol is also not suitable. Because of the alcohol is difficult to reach the depths of the wound. There is the risk of tetanus infection.

If the skin around the wound is dirty and mixed with the soil, you should use the water to wash, and then use the hydrogen peroxide to rinse. If the hydrogen peroxide has the low concentration, so it can be used to wipe the surface of the skin trauma to play the role of cleaning wounds and sterilization. The skin around the disinfectant wounds should be from the inside to outside. It means that you should start from the edges of the wound and gradually expanded to the surrounding disinfection area, so that the closer wounds are cleaner.

After washing of the hydrogen peroxide, you could use the medical iodine to wipe. Because of the concentration of medical iodine typically is lower, so it can be used for general disinfection trauma. Due to the medical iodine have the small stimulation, so it was used to the skin and the oral mucosa directly.

Topical medications should avoid to contact with eyes and other mucous membranes. When the rubbed sites have the burning, itching, swelling and other symptoms, you should stop the medication as soon as possible. If the wounds errhysis, so that you are difficult to use the drugs, you should dry it at first, and then treated (external drug allergy disabled).

After bruising the skins, many people posted a Band-Aid to deal with the trouble, but abrasion wound is not suitable to sue band-aid, and should let the wound expose in the air to be heal.

This is because the wound skin abrasions are bigger than ordinary wounds, coupled with the ordinary has the bad water absorbent and air permeable adhesive plaster, so it is not conducive to wound secretions and pus drainage, but contribute to the growth and reproduction of bacteria, which easily cause wound infection and even lead to ulcers.