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How to Deal With the Skin Sell Eden Eternal Gold Allergy


The experts said that people are allergic to pollen belong to the allergic constitution. Pollen allergy Sell Eden Eternal Gold is an autoimmune disease, mainly due to decreased immunity. So people who have the relatively poor people are also prone to symptoms of pollen allergy. In addition, people with asthma are also allergic to pollen.

In addition, the symptoms of the eye conditions of pollen allergy are eye irritation, itching, tears and other symptoms. Pollen allergy symptoms have acute onset, and skin appears erythema quickly. People who are more sensitive to pollen in flowers-intensive places, pollen will through the nasal mucosa into the respiratory tract, and the body will appear systemic allergic symptoms.

For such kind of people, if they want to travel outside, they should pay attention to the protection of the face, such as wearing a white wide-brimmed hat, or opening umbrellas or wearing dark goggles. Of course, they can use the skin care agent to protect the skin from sunlight. For people with allergies, the important thing is to cut off the source of allergies, and travel from the intensive flowers as far away as possible. Do not touch the flowers.

First of all, you should avoid eating spicy foods, because of spicy foods can cause blood vessels to dilate and skin become redness. And you should stay away from spicy food, such as lamb, seafood, wine, peppers and other foods that cause allergy. In addition, the snail, amaranth and other foods which contain the more photosensitive material can improve the sensitivity of the skin to ultraviolet light, so you should eat less.

In the choice of cosmetics, we should choose the makeup that has through the skin allergy test cosmetics. After pollen allergy, skin will have some inflammation, but also peeling and itching. Therefore, we should choose some products which can moisturize and hydrate. In addition, we can also intake multi-vitamin A and vitamin E.

Do not use the hot water to wash the skin and alkaline soap is not suitable for cleaning, because of they will irritate the skin and aggravate the condition. If your skin is sensitive, at first you should stop use skin care products.