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How to Lose the Weight Sell Cabal Alz Scientifically

Obesity can lead to shorten life expectancy. Mortality of male obesity is 1.5 times than the normal and women Sell Cabal Alz are 1.47 times. Obesity is mainly from the two major aspects to damage the health of the people; on the one hand, it can cause physical and mental disabilities especially for young people. Physical appearance and inconveniences of living will make them produce low self-esteem, anxiety, depression and other problems. On the other hand, it has the closely related with many health-threatening diseases.

For patients with obesity, you should do the nutrition and exercise therapy treatment. Of course, they should be under the guidance of specialists. Intake of total energy is limited to 1000-1500kcal / day, reduce fat intake and fat intake should be 25% -35% of the total energy. Diet should be rich in fruits and vegetables, dietary fiber and regard as thin meat and plant protein as a protein source. Weight loss diet should have adequate high-quality protein. Expect for the necessary nutrients, you also need to add the necessary vitamins, minerals and plenty of water. At the same time, changing eating habit is very important. For example, you can chew carefully and swallow slowly, because of this can slow down the absorption of nutrients and control energy intake. The goal to control diet is lost about 0.5-1 kg monthly, after 6-month, you can loss of 7-8% weight. Obese patients should develop the best specialized a strict diet plan under the guidance of nutritionist a strict diet plan.

The exercise therapy can reduce about 3% of body weight. If you joint control diet, weight loss effect is better. When you do exercise, the muscle tissue will utilize the fatty acid and glucose greatly, so that the excess sugar can only be used for energy, but cannot transfer into fat storage. With the increase of energy consumption, storage adipose tissue will apply for energy; fat cells in the body will become small, thus reducing the formation and accumulation of fats. This can achieve weight loss goals. Weight loss campaigns need to emphasize the scientific, rational and individualistic, and also master the appropriate amount of exercise and degree according to its own characteristics.