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How to Prevent the Ovarian Sell Cabal Alz Cancer

With the developing pace of life, the psychological stress became Sell Cabal Alz great, which make women appear recessive early symptoms of menopause. According to a survey data, it showed that among 30-year-old white females, 27% of the people have different levels of hidden menopause phenomenon. Their prosecute mental and physical exhaustion, weight climbed, irritability, insomnia, dry skin, hair color brown, menstrual disorders, and sometimes tired of work and somehow sick. They take a large number of health care; it does not help to impact on the lives of themselves and their families and Work

If your mother was very early menopause, menopause before the age of 40, then you also have this possibility. Expect for this, the earlier age at menarche is, the menopause occurs sooner.

Survey results showed: women eat fish and shrimp for two to three times a week, menopause is later. If people insist on the milk, and the amount of milk is a large, stick longer, later menopause. Women who never take exercise have the early menopause age, infringed by passive smoking, the more the longer the menopause sooner. Women who do excessive weight loss are also easy to premature ovarian failure, because a considerable portion of the estrogen stored in fat tissue. Excessive weight loss, malnutrition, premature ovarian failure risk is relatively large.

Because ovarian tissue is very sensitive, so it is susceptible to "pollution", such as the radiation exposure will cause ovarian function decline early.

What you should pay attention to the diet to prevent premature ovarian failure? Female friend should eat less fried eggs. If women often eat fried eggs, it may increase the risk of ovarian cancer. Since the process of chicken eggs fried, it causes a lot of biologically active form of decomposition products such as: cholesterol oxides. These products have great cytotoxic effects, especially for the female ovarian tissue affinity, and thus be a cancer, tumor inducement. For ovarian maintenance, you can eat more foods rich in vitamin C include: persimmon, broccoli, strawberries, oranges, cherries, guava, red peppers, yellow peppers, kale, cauliflower, and kiwi. Vitamin food which contains vitamin E is kiwi, nuts, lean meat, eggs, corn, and peanut oils.