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Home » game News » How to Protect the Skin in Sell WOW Gold spring

How to Protect the Skin in Sell WOW Gold spring

In the spring, do you have a good night's sleep? No matter the job transfers or the environment Sell WOW Gold changes, they are likely to create pressure to lead to poor quality of sleep, and even appear insomnia symptoms. You know people who do not have the irregular life cannot secret the normal f melatonin and growth hormone secretion, so they are easy to fall into the vicious cycle of skin aging. Growth hormone has important implications for the metabolism of the skin to ensure the delicate skin. These hormones in the human body will secrete in deep sleep. Whether it is light sleep or overnight people cannot have good secretion, so people who do not have the good sleep are very prone to the risk of skin aging. Therefore, the "beauty sleep" is quite reasonable!

At first, the people who are sensitive to the caffeine should not drink caffeinated beverages at night to avoid affecting sleep; Secondly, people should conform to the biological clock to get up in the morning, so that the secretion of melatonin can be normal; Finally, people should use electronic products for a long time to make sure a good sleep at night.

The human gut is vulnerable to the impact of sleep and stress. For skin care, we should not only pay attention to external care, but also to pay attention to the "gut health", thus internal protection is the fundamental skin care. Only if we can do the intestinal environment, it not only the body will get fat, the skin can be maintained at the state of Hydra Boost Conversely. if you do not attach importance to the adjustment of the intestinal environment, regardless of the number of health care products or eat more cosmetics, they are useless.

You should design a recipe to adjust intestinal balance. For most modern people, they are rarely eat vegetables and fermented foods, but these foods are good for intestinal health, so you should intake some. But we should pay attention that vegetable salad and vegetable juices cannot adjust the effect of the intestinal environment, in addition the diet light-based should be best. Because of salt and other seasonings including food additives will increase the body burden to affect food beautiful skin.