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How to Take the Sell Raiderz Gold Foods

In order to save the meal, increase nutrition, eat the rest of the meal the night Sell Raiderz Gold before saving, many office workers have become family with a meal. However, the temperatures and humidity are high in the summer, if you do not bring a good lunch box, lunch box are very easy to breed bacteria that causes food is perishable, what is more likely to cause food poisoning!

Well, with the arrival of summer, how to bring our lunch boxes to make it more scientific? Japanese MSN JAPAN author taught everyone for some skills: kinds of food do not go into your lunch box!

Japanese experts point out, fried rice, steamed rice, raw vegetables, potato salad or pasta, eggs, fish cakes and other foods is best not to go into the boxes. This is because boiled perishable foods with more water and raw vegetables are not pasteurized, it is easy to breed bacteria and contaminate other ingredients. Potato salad with mayonnaise, salad dressing food is also best to avoid. In addition, eggs, seafood and other heat resistance are poor, considering the loss of nutrients is also best not to bring.

So, you want to prevent food poisoning in summer, what kind of food you should take, what should pay attention to? Experts believe that you can take some appropriate prunes, curry powder, garlic and other ingredients itself has antiseptic function; while after using the boxes, you should wash it as soon as possible, especially for the corners, you should use the hot water to disinfected. Lunch boxes are not easy to retain moisture, material is best to choose the material what is not easy to retain water. Before you put the food in the boxes, you should dry boxes at first.

If lunch is to give the child to bring hiking or spring tour to keep food in the process of deterioration hiking, you should pay attention carry a refrigerant to ensure the food is not bad taste in boxes. If you have the condition, you can eat the fresh food to supply the energy to support the whole day.