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How to protect our Sell FFXI GIL liver

Among various organs in the body, the most vulnerable is the Sell FFXI GIL liver. This is not only because China's hepatitis B patients ranked NO.1 in the world, but also because patients with liver always list on the top in the world. The expert introduced those new liver cancer patients are about 810,000 in a year, of which 430,000 in China, the incidence of liver cancer accounted for 55% of global and mortality rate of 50%.

Our country is hepatitis big country. In our country, patients with liver cancer have has a history of hepatitis B, and hepatitis B will convert to cirrhosis, and finally into a small number of patients develop liver cirrhosis. Chronic hepatitis - cirrhosis - liver cancer is called "liver trilogy." Unfortunately, due to the popularity of wine culture, many hepatitis B patients are drinking, which accelerated the process of liver disease and further deterioration of its potential problems.

Drinking can be described as an important incentive for liver, because the liver is the body's detoxification plant, so the damage of drinking is significant for liver. The expert says alcohol is the main component, and ethyl alcohol can be converted to acetaldehyde in the liver to damage to the liver directly to make the liver cell degeneration and necrosis. The human liver only decomposes hangover 10 ml in one hour. If you drank half a catty wine, then for the liver, it takes at least 25 hours in order to be broken down. It is a big burden to the liver.

Develop good lifestyle is equally important. This requires control alcohol and smoking cessation; especially for carrying hepatitis virus infection, people with chronic hepatitis B and / or hepatitis C, and even more strict abstinence should be determined to quit smoking, but to actively treat hepatitis, prevention of liver hard change, regular observation of liver function, serum alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) and B-ultrasound and so on. For high-risk groups, namely men aged over 40 or over 50 years old woman with hepatitis B and / or hepatitis C virus infection, alcohol, family history of diabetes and a high risk of liver cancer, is generally carried out every six months more than one index checks. On this basis, keeping cheerful mood and improving the body immunity are important too.