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In the face of reality moved thing is always Sell FFXI GIL worthless

Last year, I refused a party which was held by rich people Sell FFXI GIL because I have lots of parties to join. Each of them was very rich, to tell the truth, I was very self-abased, but when I said that I wanted to leave, someone even said: "Keep the money", he did not crack a joke, I endured to propose a toast and said a few words to be careless, they were very excited, but I went out with tears. From then on, I did not join the similar party, and I did not contact these people, perhaps their ancestors had ambition than my ancestors. There are two handsome boys expressed love to the same girl, the girl answered: "You should travel around the world first." So, the rich boy immediately packed up his luggage, got ready to travel around the world. Another talented boy around a circle with the girl and then he said to the girl: "You are my world!" The girl was moved, but finally, she still chose the rich boy. They worked together, lived together, and the vowed they will be with each other forever. However, when they went to the university separate, the girl chose another boy as her new boyfriend after one year. And that boy was richer than her boyfriend, and he was talented, too. Therefore, in the face of reality, moved thing is always worthless.