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Is the Chocolate Good for Human Sell C9 Gold Body


I remember a beautiful actress of American film once said: you cannot refuse chocolate, just as you Sell C9 Gold cannot refuse to love. Chocolate is regarded as the "food of the gods" by the ancient Aztecs.

Modern scientific discoveries that chocolate contains polyphenolic antioxidants, which can help remove free radicals to improve insulin sensitivity; theobromine, caffeine and other substances help speed up blood circulation to promote metabolism; stearic acid in cocoa can l lower cholesterol; the phenylethylamine is considered the love pleasure of brain ...

The crowd observed experiments also confirmed the chocolate have a lot of effects such as antioxidant and improve endothelial cell function. In April last year, at the annual meeting a report of the European Liver pointed out that consumption of a certain amount of chocolate every day has prevention and treatment of cirrhosis of the liver and high blood pressure. The chocolate which have significant effects to health are often has high cocoa content and sugar.

In recent years, "eating chocolate can stay healthy and dark chocolate helps lose weight is getting popular. For those people who are difficult to resist the temptation of chocolate, this is simply great news. But is it the fact?

The most common dark chocolate actually could not play an important role to stay healthy. This is because according to the standard of dark chocolate, the cocoa butter content of is not less than 18%, and other vegetable oils including cocoa butter substitutes could not more than 5%. Cocoa butter is known as "green gold", so it is a chocolate a symbol of quality. Because of cost considerations, the producers will try to reduce its content. In contrast, European has the specific rules to dark chocolate product. Expect for the cocoa butter content, it requires all dry cocoa content (including cocoa butter and cocoa powder) cannot be less than 35%.

Among any kind of weight loss method, the first task is to control the total energy intake. After all, chocolate is a high energy density foods, per hundred grams calories of chocolate is more than 500kcal. Lying-in woman could use it to recuperate, which is contribute to delivery.