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Is the Fresh Milk Really Sell LOTRO Gold Safe


It is reported that a farmer held the cows beside the street to by the Sell LOTRO Gold fresh milk, and it is very popular among public. However, experts pointed out that this is not feasible. Because fresh milk has the bacterium such as brucellosis, Mycobacterium tuberculosis and so on, which is easy to cause human and animals to get infections? In addition, this "fresh milk" cannot guarantee the milking sanitation, disinfection of the container as well as milker’s health status. Therefore, consumers should still go to the supermarket to buy milk from the regular manufacturers.

The so-called new tea is picked less than a month, such as seasonal spring tea. Wang Yi told reporters the just picked spring tea contains strong activity of tannic acid, alkaloids and other substances. If people drink a lot of, it will make people’s nervous system excited extremely. The blood circulation of the heart rate speed up and people feel flustered like a drunk. Therefore, people should be noted that should not be too thick and excessive spring tea. You can put the tea for some time. When the polyphenols in the tea has been oxidization, you can drink.

Wang Yi pointed out that the dried fungus is more secure than the fresh fungus. Fresh fungus contains a special ingredient, which the chemical name is "porphyrin". Porphyrin is a light-sensitive material. After human eating the fresh fungus, after sun exposure, it can cause plant solar dermatitis to lead to skin itching and redness. During the period of exposure, the fresh fungus will break down most of the porphyrin, immersed in water before eating, so the remaining toxins will stay in water. But the dried fungus has no toxic. We should pay attention that when we soak the dried fungus, we should change the several times water.

Fresh vegetables contain a certain amount of nitrate. In the salting process, it will be reduced to nitrite. When concentration reaches a peak, nitrite gradually was used and decomposed by the bacteria. Nitrite will have the effect to cause the cancer. In general, pickles contain a lot of nitrate, so you should choose the fresh vegetables as far as possible.