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Maybe your life will be changed if you have chance to live in Sell Cabal Alz the sea

A happy fish lives in the blue sea, and every day he swims in the sea with abandon. When he Sell Cabal Alz meets other fish, he will tell the story of his experience. When he is tired, he perches in the middle of the water plants, freedom and happiness is his life principle. However, one day, he met another fish, and that fish said to him: I have heard that there have a place called the sea in a very faraway place. And the water is wider than we live now, and there have a lot of funny things in the sea. Maybe your life will be changed if you have chance to live in the sea. Really? I do not know such place, maybe I ought to look for it. He said to that fish. Of course, you can go to look for it now. That fish replied. Therefore, the happy fish began to look for the sea, he swam and swam off the reel every day, and he was very tired every day, but he still did not find the sea that fish described. One day, he was too tired, he could not swim to look for the sea, and at the moment, he saw a colorful fish was swimming in the water leisurely, so he went to ask the fish who was walking: Do you know where is the sea? The fish laughed loudly after he heard the words: You are in the sea now!