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Mistake Can Transform To a Good Sell Runescape Gold Idea


Netherlands Antilles Island of St. Martin, there is a beach which was called the Sell Runescape Gold coolest beach in the world. It will receive about tens of thousands of tourists from around the world every year. Which the reason made it is popular? Expect for the beautiful scenery, but also because it brings the world to experience the unique pull the wind.

People can contact with the aircraft closely to allow Beach to become the coolest beach in the world, but also a longing for countless tourists resort. However people unknown that this wonderful idea actually stems from a failure of design.

In 1942, in order to control the Netherlands Antilles, the Dutch island of St. Martin in the throat position to establish a Princess Juliana International Airport, in order to save costs, the designer only set up one for the airport runway 2,180 meters long, and the runway The beach is just across the street, because the runway is too short, the aircraft landed at the airport to fly very low, when the aircraft arrive at the airport near Beach, the height from the beach is only 10 to 20 meters.

Airport put into use, pilots have complained when landing at this airport is not safe, accidentally fall into the sea, but it is unexpected, because of geographical importance and the rise of tourism, Princess Juliana International Airport is quickly becoming the Netherlands Antilles important aviation hub, and its peak level in the eastern Caribbean, second only to San Juan International Airport.

When seeking the views of the citizens of the island, the airport runway was saved. Meanwhile, in order to ensure the safety of tourists and aircraft, the local government has formulated strict management measures, beach bars and restaurants are nearby aircraft taking off and landing schedule posted on the beach but also to build a megaphone to broadcast the captain and dialogue between the tower, from time to time to remind visitors attention when the plane landed tremendous airflow.

Because proper handling, airport design errors became a wonderful idea, so it become the closet beach in the world, which brings the billowing wealth for the local government.

In fact, in life, we often encounter such a problem. When we face the mistakes, we should not immediately negate, if you can find mistakes in turn, it is a more superior wisdom.