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My parents tell me that they will love me dearly no matter how Sell RS Gold I am or who I am

Today is my birthday, my closed friends always say that I have been a woman Sell RS Gold not a girl. As a matter of fact, I really do not want to hear the words, I really do not want to grow up. I still want to be the little princess of my parents, I want my parents still love me dearly. My parents tell me that they will love me dearly no matter how old I am or who I am. I know their meanings. No matter I get married or not, they will love me as their little princess, too. I am glad that I have so such parents, I feel that they are the best parents in the world, no one can compare. Early in the morning, I had received so many birthday presents from my friends, though we are not with each other all day, we still contact with each other frequently, I am very happy when I receive their birthday blessings for me. Immediately, I feel I am energetic. I want to tell my friends: "I really cherish each of you, cherish our friendship, but I do not allow you call me a woman, I am a girl, a proud princess in my parents. Although I have gotten married, you should not call me like that…" We often talk with this tone of voice because we are true friends, and we know about each other, so we will not be angry when one of us talks with this tone of voice. I love you, my closed friends.