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My poor Billy must be very uncomfortable but it can not speak to Sell Scarlet Blade Golds me


These days, Mike was very worried because his German shepherd dog named Billy did not eat and Sell Scarlet Blade Golds drink for a long time and the dog lost its weight very fast. So he decided to take Billy to the vet to see if there was something wrong with it. To his surprise, the vet found twenty eight golf balls in the dog's stomach which were the direct reason. Mike remembered that he took his dog to a golf club in Manchester a week ago. It was probably that the dog took those golf balls in the hole as some delicious food. Mike said: "I am shocked when the vet tells me that he finds twenty eight golf balls in Billy's stomach, you know, those golf balls are more than six pounds. And they are rolling around in its stomach. My poor Billy must be very uncomfortable but it cannot speak to me." It took more than two hours to take those golf balls out of its stomach. Mike found some of those balls had changed color from white to yellow. The vet said: "I cannot use the X-ray to do an examination; instead, I only use my hand to touch its stomach to feel there are some balls inside. I hear the sound to know there must be many balls in its stomach, but I really do not expect that there are twenty eight balls inside. It is too many for a dog."