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Postpartum Depression Is a Mood Dysfunction Sell WOW Gold Problem

Postpartum depression is a mood dysfunction problem. In the course of Sell WOW Gold pregnancy, maternal hormone levels change drastically, fluctuations in estrogen and continuous estrogen deficiency may lead to depression. Expect for this, the central nervous system neurotransmitters, such as 5 - HT and other metabolic abnormalities and the corresponding will be changed, which are the biological basis for incidence of postpartum depression.

With the changes of family structure, a social psychological factor also is one of the main reasons to cause postpartum depression. postpartum depression prone to women who lack the support of spouses, or those who have previously suffered from mental stress, such as family members, illness, violent conflicts-law and so on. The handling of conflicts in the family, the patients who are likely to have postpartum depression especially her husband balance good relations, they tend to focus on the patient. For example, in dealing with law relationship, some mothers toward the man often criticized his wife, often leading to more intense outbreak contradiction.

Many people even some doctors believe that postpartum depression is just mental illness; you only need psychological treatment on the line. In fact, postpartum depression in patients with brain neurotransmitters 5 - serotonin levels have been offset, which appeared mood disorders, just by individuals or psychosocial intervention is sometimes difficult to adjust, to use drugs in order to truly solve the problem.

"Insomnia, early awakening, the body has a variety of uncomfortable, but check and no physical illness, often sullen temper, think things are bad aspect to think about it, you can identify the initial postpartum depression. Maternal awareness in this regard must be timely doctor do not put postpartum depression with psychotic equate it with the same cold treatment is very simple, through psychological counseling, if necessary, take appropriate medication, the prognosis is usually good. "

Relaxed mood and do some of favorite things such as simple housework and exercise, do not focus on the child or veteran worry about things. Actively communicate, learn to look for her husband, family and friends to help take care of the family to enjoy being loved. Actively communicate, learn to look for her husband, family and friends to help take care of the family to enjoy being loved.