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Qualified Astronaut Should Have the Following Sell FFXI GIL Factors

What kind of quality we need to have to become a qualified astronaut? The European Space Agency Sell FFXI GIL has listed the new factors.


Young is the first condition to be an astronaut. Although the astronauts are still flying if they are more than 50 years old, the European Space Agency will only accept applicants the people whose age are between 27 years to 37 years old.

Scientific mind

Astronaut candidate must have a university degree, and must be a university degree in engineering, science, medicine, or mathematics. The candidate must also be able to speak English (language of space travel). People who can speak the Russian will make candidates have one more advantage.


Before people have the opportunity to realize their space dream, the astronauts have to wait at least five years. First of all, the basic training will last for 18 months, followed by two-year high-intensity training to learn to master each system of International Space Station, and must also be competent plumber or electrician skills to master in case of emergency. After the candidate gets the eligibility to participate in a space mission, he also accepts a year and a half of rigorous training for this task.


In the process of the conquest of space, people have happened two kinds of the space shuttle disaster. Early astronauts are selected from the Air Force pilot or test pilot. When they face the risk of death, they should be able to accept, and fortitude will allow them to stay motivated in a variety of difficult circumstances.


The astronauts must face: 300 people consist of task team such as controller, scientists, engineers, and relevant officials. People who have a holier-than-thou manner could not the object of the recruitment of Space Agency.

To prepare for an unfamiliar life

In the short space flight task, the majority of the day you are at work, so you just only for a short break. The astronauts must adjust their mentality to do psychological preparation to face the strange living environment.  Weightlessness is the strangest feeling, after three or four days, we should take for granted.

Excellent psychological quality

Astronaut's performance depends on the performance in space largely. Nobody could not to do perfect when they continue to do 11 days. So, one of the important qualities of the astronauts are able to face the frustration, frustration or own mistakes.