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Some Bad Habits Will Lead To Sell FFXI GIL Chloasma

Majority of female friends should to pay attention that there are many bad Sell FFXI GIL habits will lead to chloasma in daily life. So, what habits might cause it? We take a look at dermatology expert analysis and interpretation. ,

People who are radiated by the computer for a long time is easy to cause, acne, radiation spots, dry skin, dull eyes decreased vision, dark circles. Therefore, female friends are necessary to reduce the interesting face of the computer radiation. If conditions allow radiation isolated on sunscreen before applying makeup, you can effectively block the computer radiation to damage to the skin and reduce the chance of pigmentation to let you away from freckles melasma.

The common categories of food coloring include: carbonated beverages, biscuits potato chips, fried foods, strings, hot pot, little incense, etc., these things will deposit a lot of toxins in the body and stimulate cell to grow. If people eat such foods for a long time, it may cause coloring pigment accumulation to form various spots. Therefore, you should eat coloring foods in daily life as little as possible.

Appropriate exercise can accelerate the body's metabolism, thereby promoting the activity of the body's cells. In addition, skin cells have the function of respiration and excretion to get rid of toxins in the body. Urine and sweat are the best detoxification process. If people do not do exercise for a long time, it is not good to the metabolic cycle conducive for body.

Skin produces wrinkles and spots mostly because of light aging. In the summer, ultraviolet irradiation activates melanin mother cells to from the tyrosinase. With updated new cells to the skin surface over the course of time will form pigmentation spots, sure to bring out everyone except umbrellas, hats, but also must be good sunscreen skin care work.

Cosmetic contains metal components and chemical components have the effect of light absorption. There are some people use lead, mercury and other chemical metal components or add more spice cosmetics for a long time, it is easy to cause skin black regiment. Skin was covered with a strong cosmetic, which is lack of good breathing, the remover is not clean, cosmetics pigments and harmful residues on the skin surface and even penetrate the skin, can cause pigment accumulation, and thus cause spots.