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Some Factors Affect the Sperm Sell Guild wars 2 gold Quality


Clinical evidence that estrogen can affect sperm quality, and environment and lifestyle can lead to Sell Guild wars 2 gold elevated estrogen for men. Eating the food of soy, honey and other high levels of estrogen and using cosmetics with estrogen-containing are belong to intake of estrogen. There are estrogen in environment, at present scientist has identified nearly 300 species environmental hormone chemicals which can affect sperm quality. These substances people could touch them in daily life, such as plastic products, disposable foam products, pesticides, feed and food additives, detergents, cosmetics, synthetic hormones, pesticides and herbicides, which widely present in food, daily necessities, vegetables, offshore fish, cereals, air, drinking water and textiles.

In addition, some other modern lifestyle can lead to decline sperm quality for men, such as too little exercise, smoking and alcohol abuse, sauna and wearing tight jeans. In addition, sedentary fixed cause prostate congestion or lead to prostatitis and other issues, which will affect sperm quality.

For research and discussion of laptop and fertility, a more reasonable concern is the problem of high temperature near the scrotum. If you put the laptop on the legs for a long time, this phenomenon is likely to occur. Sperm was produced in the testis and mature in epididymis. If the temperature is more than 32.5 ℃, it will affect the epithelial cells and the sperm maturation, and then lead to reduced fertility. If it exposure to heat which is above 35 ℃ environment for a long time, which has a greater impact.

Electronic product radiation is indeed one of the factors to affect sperm quality. Although the impact is not yet conclusive, but if you can avoid some of the adverse use, you had best to avoid. For example, a laptop placed on the desktop and as far as possible to use a wired network.

Many men used to put the phone on his hip pocket near the genitals, this habit should be changed. In particular, some men often place phone on his hip pocket or not at the waist as Bluetooth style, which make testicular cell phone radiofrequency exposure to stronger , this more strongly than to the standby mode on the hip pocket and affect testicular.