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Some Notes for Sugar Sell WOW Gold Mama

Currently, the incidence of gestational diabetes among pregnant women was 2.31% -14.2%. A growing number of Sell WOW Gold studies have shown that fetal exposure to high glucose environment will not only affect the development and delivery, and will suffer from obesity and get high abnormal glucose metabolism in the future.

In order to reduce high blood sugar effects on the fetus, at first we should emphasize on positive diet. First of all, according to the height of pregnant women, we can calculate the standard weight and the recommended daily total calories. At the same time, we should emphasis on the proportion of daily carbohydrate, protein and fat intake. After pregnant women began to do the dietary management, they may feel eat too little and the lack of oil, so they should slowly adapt. In high blood sugar, do not eat fruit. After blood sugar is stable, pregnant women can eat a small amount of snacks and fruit. Do not think that do not eat the staple can control blood sugar or weight, but should try to avoid added sugar, sugar, fructose, glucose, sugar, honey, maltose sugary drinks and sweets.

Another hypoglycemic initiative is exercise. If your blood glucose cannot compliance through diet and exercise, or after diet you appeal starvation ketosis. When you increase diet, blood sugar will be excessive again, so you should use insulin therapy as soon as possible, and continued to it until delivery. Because insulin is a macromolecular protein, it cannot pass through the placenta, so it will not affect the health of the fetus. "Sugar Mama," do not worry this.

In order to ensure the growth of reasonable body weight of pregnant women, appropriate exercise of pregnant women is very important. When pregnant arrived at the third trimester of pregnancy in the summer, pregnant are often lazy. In fact, walking around half an hour after dinner at home is also useful.

Aerobic exercise helps to increase insulin sensitivity for patients with diabetes. In view of the special status of pregnancy, do not advocate too much strenuous activities, but requires 3-5 times a week to do exercise to improve postprandial blood glucose every 30 minutes.