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The Goat Is a Kind of Sell Scarlet Blade Gold Herbicide


In recent years, with the increasing costs of labor, the prices to weed the grass around the airport become more Sell Scarlet Blade Gold and more expensive. It has become a heavy burden for airport, which make the airport miserable.

How can we reduce the cost of weeding? In recent, Chicago O'Hare International Airport came up with an idea to reduce the cost of weeding. They contracted runway surrounding greenery weeding work c to a farm which is near the airport. They let the 25 goats in the farm to take the green weeding. The airport and farm signed for a period of 2 years until it expires at the end of 2014.

The grass of The O'Hare Airport is much. After the trimming by the professional weeding Company, the grass grows fast. Not for a long time, it should do the cleanup again. Airport staffs have a meeting to research the methods to clean the grass. They found that the sheep have the most ideal weeding capacity and weeding speed, but the cost is cheaper than the machine weeding. Ultimately, the airport weeding project was contracted by a farm. The farm will be dispatched 25 goats to the airport weeding, and the sheep 'contract expires was at the end of 2014.

The sheep not only can eat the fresh grass around the airport, but also could receive about $ 19,500 (about 120,000 Yuan) weeding costs for projects. The average annual salary of a sheep is about $ 390 (about 2397 Yuan). In addition, the project has a staff member to be as the work of the shepherds to prevent sheep straying into the runway.

This idea could let goats eat fully, and the farm can also have a small fortune in salary income, even the airport greatly reduced the weeding expenses. At the same time, the goat manure in weeding process also support the free natural green fertilizer to the grass. It does not pollute the environment, and the airport should not hire someone specifically to the green fertilization, which saves a large amount of fertilizer money.

Sometimes you can change the complex issues to the simple, all problems will be solved. Goats also are kind of an "herbicide", which is a green herbicide.