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The Moderation Beauty of Sell Diablo 3 gold London


I have been a week in London. If you ask me what my Sell Diablo 3 gold greatest feeling is, I think a word can describe it: moderation!

No matter is the pastoral village outside London, or villa town in suburban, or the bustling streets of the city, the people here are walking hurriedly with their feelings, but always in a well-organized specification. London is a peaceful city, which reveals a surge of ancient atmosphere, relaxed and calm.

Walking in the street, you can see the antique buildings. They have a near-unified tone, heavy color but not strong. They do not speak, like a silent old man to tell you it is weather-beaten.

In the not a wide road, the car always gallop over, such as participating in a F1 race, but you can hear the friction sound of the tire and the ground. Here there are no body whistles, cut in and ran a red light. Despite driving fast, but in front of the red light, they can always break stops; even on zebra crossings without traffic lights, drivers see the pedestrians cross the road, they will stop, waved hands to motion to pass…

Got into the subway, it is quiet inside. Expect for the bus-stop sound speaker, and the rest is their silence ... some people are playing with the phone, some people are looking at the newspaper, some are playing Sudoku, it seems that everyone are immersed in the independent kingdom.

When I see an adult with a child and children will come up with a book from the bag to learn to adults turned over the book, and spend the time of the subway.

There is no metro mobile video and colorful advertising in subway. Although it will lose a large amount of economic benefits, the British do not care. They love money, but also need to look at advertising, but more to enjoy quiet comfortable and a clean visual environment.

The city of London people are busy, but if you ask him the way, he never refused; outskirts of London people are more enthusiastic…

London's countryside is beautiful, the city of London is beautiful, but these are the surface of beauty, the cultivation and moderation of London is revealing wisdom from the heart.