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The city government wanted to recruit a group of Sell Mabinogi Gold cleaners


Benjamin graduated from university when he was 22 years old, he had good dreams for Sell Mabinogi Gold the future like all young people. At that time, he wanted to be a teacher, he yearned for this career when he was young because he thought it was great, sacred and meaningful, and it was respected by everyone. He came to Cambridge City, and there was very quiet, and it had cultural deposits, the academic atmosphere was very strong. It was the greatest happiness in his life if he can be a good teacher in this city. However, the things went contrary to his wishes, he had issued resume to several secondary schools, but it had no response. Later, he lowered the job standard, and turned to the primary schools, but he was still refused by the various primary schools, as if the city could not accommodate him. During the period, he felt terrible, and he even doubted his abilities. His life was in trouble because he did not have job and income. At this point, Benjamin got recruitment information – the city government wanted to recruit a group of cleaners. The task was cleaning the streets and kept the city's clean in order to leave a good impression to the visitors. He hesitated for a long time, and finally he signed up. Everyone knows that it was far from cleaner to teacher, it was not his dream. Everything went well, he was hired. In the beginning, he did not adapt, but not long after, he liked his career gradually, and he did not though this career was humble, but he thought it was very proud. He though it was his glory because he could sacrifice his own hard work for the beautiful city.