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The flowers like revealing their life in dazzling Sell Rappelz Rupees petals


A young man looks down on the old people when he is in the prime of Sell Rappelz Rupees youth, because he thinks the old people can not do anything agile. One day, the young man went to the park with his grandfather, he picked a flower conveniently and then he said to his grandfather: "Grandpa, young people are filled with the vitality of life as this flower, so old people can not compare with young people." After hearing his words, his grandfather smiled but he did not say anything. When they passed by a canteen, his grandfather bought a bag of walnuts and took one walnut out and then said to his grandson: "My child, your analogy is good, if young people are flowers, the old people will be this dry wrinkled fructification. However, the flowers like revealing their life in dazzling petals, but the fructification condense his life in deep seed." The young man said again: "There will not have the fructification if there are no flowers." The grandfather laughed: "Well, all the fructification are flowers before, but not all the flowers can become the fructification." Indeed, youth is the capital of the envy, but it is also the wealth that can not return back forever. People can receive the good returns only they treat it very well and be careful to operate it. Everyone will have youth, but not all people can be successful, not all people can enjoy success after they are successful.