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The little tortoise fell down Sell Dofus Kamas miserable


One day, I bought two crucian carps to stew for my daughter, when I Sell Dofus Kamas was stripping scales, the crucian carps were struggling constantly, as if they were crying sorrowful, I felt very uncomfortable, and I vowed that I will never kill. When I was young, I was afraid when the butcher slaughtered pigs; I always ran very far and covered my ears, I was afraid to see the cruel scene and I was also afraid to hear the sound of wailing pigs. I do not know why I like little animals very much, when I face the little life, I am always full of pity. One day, my mother-in-law picked up a little tortoise, I liked it very much, every time when I wanted to catch it, it will stretched out its long claws, I was frighten so I loosened my hand, of course, the little tortoise fell down miserable. But I always cannot help to catch it and touch it, so that the little tortoise fell down so many times and it was really sore, my heart was very uncomfortable, it belonged to nature, river and lake. Although I was very reluctant, I still put it into the river. From then on, I liked little animals very much, as long as I found stray cat and dog in the street, I will adopt it, I felt that it was very pitiful.