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The love of this old man touched so many Sell WOW Gold people


In the earthquake stricken area, the ambulance corps found a dead body there. In the Sell WOW Gold dilapidated home, an old man lying on the ground. I was dull for the tsunami which had never happened before. When I saw the dead body, he was holding a photo album tightly in his arms. And inside this photo album was all pictures of his grandson he loved so much. According to the son of the old man's memory, it turned out the man has run to the second floor at first, but then he remembered that photo album of his grandson was still in downstairs. In spite of everyone discouraged him, he still went back to downstairs to take the photo album away with him. However, unfortunately, it was too late for him to get out of the first floor. So the family and his grandson could never see him forever, but he was still holding the photo album tightly on his deathbed, so that people could not take away from his arms. The love of this old man touched so many people, and some of them came from a long distance to see him and memory them. They called him the most adorable grandfather in Japan. At the last of the conversation, the son of the old man scolded his father, "He is such a silly grandpa but who loves his grandson so much."