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There Is No Necessary To Do More Laboratory Sell WOW Gold Tests


Modern medicine increasingly relies on laboratory tests, and many patients take the initiative to ask doctors to Sell WOW Gold do testing.

The laboratory is not bad, but we have to understand that laboratory also has shortcomings including false positives and false negatives. False positive refer for that report shows you have something wrong with your body, but in fact you do not have problems. False negative is on the contrary, because of the report told you there is nothing wrong with you, but you are really sick.

A friend traveled to Thailand and did physical examinations. He held a lot of reports came back to me alone. I asked: "You're only 26 years old, why you want to do laboratory prostate?"

 “Did the 26-year-old man not get prostate cancer?”He asked.

I would not say impossible, but little chance of prostate cancer is a disease of the elderly. You are only 26 years old, if you worry about prostate cancer, it would be better to worry about traffic accidents.

If you did more tests, you have the greater opportunity to run into a false positive. If the report is not normal, we have to do a few more tests to confirm. In this way, money is inevitable, even worse thing is that some tests have risk. With an original false positive report, and then invasive examination, at the end you did not have the occurrence of complications, it is not worth.

I often tell the patient: "Do not make unnecessary tests."

I heard a story about testing.

Urologists doctor give the patient a bottle, let him leave some urine to do tests. Patients went to the toilet, for a long time, he returned to the waiting room. The doctors saw the bottle was empty, and let ​​him drink plenty of water.

After an hour later, patient went to the toilet again. When he back, the bottle was empty. The doctor frowned: "drinking more plenty of water."

Then, after an hour, the patient came out from the toilet, the bottle was still empty. Doctors concluded: "It seems that your enlarged prostate is very serious, which lead to inability to urinate, and you should admit to hospital for surgery immediately."

"I have done the best efforts," the patient says with exasperation, "but I cannot open the bottle."