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They do not have the thick clothes for Sell Maple Story Mesos winter


One day, my little daughter asked me: "Mom, are Sell Maple Story Mesos we rich?" I answered: "We do not have much money?" Then she asked me: "Oh, are we poor?" I smiled: "As a matter of fact, we are not poor either." She was only three years old, so I thought that maybe she was too young to understand my answers. One night in winter, we wanted to give some of our old thick clothes which we did not need any more to those poor people. During I chose those clothes, my daughter went upstairs and asked me: "You are planning to give those clothes to whom?" "To the poor people." I replied. "Why?" "They do not have the thick clothes for winter, maybe they can not spend the winter if they do not have the thick clothes, so I want to try my best to help them." She nodded, it seemed that she clearly knew what I was talking about, and later she went downstairs. A few minutes later, she came back again with one of her jackets, a pair of glove, a scarf and a hat. She wanted to donate all these things to the poor people to help them to spend the winter. And then, she took her father's hat off and said to him: "Dad, please donate your hat to those poor people." I was touched by her, because she even donated those things she needed.