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We Want To Give Players the Opportunity to Sell WOW Gold Complain

Recently, the players whose many account has been frozen or stopped asked in the official Sell WOW Gold forum post, Blizzard's customer service staffs aim at these issues and made answers patiently.

When we take action on an account, we will do our utmost to ensure that you know what happened exactly. Our intention is to allow players to have fun in the game, instead of closing the door, and do not allow players to file a grievance. And as always, if you want to contact with us, we will be happy to communicate with you.

Please remember although we do not re-examine the phone or online instant messaging account processing generally, but we will continue to discuss with you through these channels account verification. At the same time, each account measures issued notice contains a link, so players can let us once again click on its audit of the measures.

They will lock your account because the IP address changes or other strange reason.

If a system is not familiar with the battle net account, it will be locked temporarily. IP address changes can reset the password to release the lock caused. Battle net lock and violations of regulations led to the freeze - because of you do not know your account number cannot log in, so I cannot determine what happened exactly - so the best way is to contact directly. 

As I said before, when your account is bound by Mobile Authenticator, the account cannot be locked by these reasons. Meanwhile, SMS notification service can help to provide you the verification problems. (For example, replace or reset the phone)

How do we get in touch with the Blizzard?

How should we contact people who actually read these complaints and those who work in the Blizzard?

Hello, we read the complaints filed by each player. Under many of the accounts were handled, we may not discuss or provide many details about how we judgment.

We want to give players the opportunity to complain. Why we will review again? Just like other reply, after a period of time, if we have come to the same decision repeatedly, it will no longer provide services to the complaint again.