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We are busy on chasing high official positions and Sell Aion Kinah riches


Once, my legs had no strength, I will be painful if I move it a bit. But I always think that Sell Aion Kinah our legs like freedom, we are free people when we have a pair of free activities legs. When we can not stand, we still adhere to stubbornly, so we can walk free like free people now. I genuinely feel either in real life or in our spiritual world, when we feel untenable, we only need to be brave some survived, it all just clicks into place. Think about once we can not do anything, and then have a look now walk as if on wings, feels trapped free to be released, the whole people are relaxed and relieved a had not been. A smile said to myself not to let history repeat itself will take good care of yourself, lost as a memory, tomorrow is still sunny! Ever feel at home the emptiness of the terrible, often inexplicable panic. People sometimes do, busy to idle, idle to busy. Think it is in their own torture yourself, so in a lot of time to feel uncomfortable. Most of time, we are busy on chasing high official positions and riches, we forget ourselves, even forget who we are. Just think, are those materialistic things really what we want? Why do not we feel tired and upset when we chase? I am sure there will be hurt and tears in the process of chase.