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We should be beware of people and Sell Dofus Kamas property


Recently, the new policy of housing business have introduced, the sale of Sell Dofus Kamas owner-occupied housing tax levy by 20% attract all people's attention particularly. And in this month, the marriage registration center is busy, the director of the marriage registration center tell us: "In the past, marriage certificate is handwritten, or ID upgrade, ID number is changed, the marriage certificate can not be used when people are engaged in the housing transaction. So many people come to handle the marriage certificate again." A net friends posts "the tax avoidance" tricks, it is called "fake divorce". According to the net friend, the "divorce strategy" is divided into two kinds. The first one: after signed the purchase agreement, the seller divorces, and the house belongs to the man, then, the buyer divorces, and the house belongs the man. Then, the male seller gets married with the female buyer, they share the house. And the male buyer get married with the female seller, they share the house. Finally, the two couple divorce, the house belongs to the female buyer. And then, they marry each other again. So the buyer gets the house. The second one: the couple let the house belongs to the woman, and then they divorce, the woman sells the house and they remarry. But fake divorce" to avoid tax is really feasible? We should be beware of people and property.