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What Is the Network Dependency Sell AgeofWushu Gold Syndrome


Core Tip: With the popularity of popular online games and Internet chat Sell AgeofWushu Gold tools, many people suffer from "network dependency syndrome" year by year. According to the MSN JAPAN reports, survey results of Japan in 2008 that there are more than 2.7 million people have the network dependency syndrome tends, and this figure will continue to rise.

Net dependency syndrome will bring which kind of health problems? From the physiological to see, people stay in the internet bar will lead to a variety of health problems easily. This kind of people will ignore eating to lead to malnutrition, and can lead to sedentary populations easily including adolescents, muscle weakness and even osteoporosis. From Mental to say if people are immerse in the network, it will lead to day and night reversed, which not have enough energy to complete their studies or work, and then depression.

Net dependency syndrome includes which kind of people? Network addiction is not only the people indulging in online games, but also includes people who are immersed in blogs, social +dating sites. In recent years, with the continuous development of the mobile terminal, people are addicted in smart phones, iPad and other mobile terminal, and even watching video online more than 10 hours. This kind of phenomenon was called network dependency syndrome.

How to judge whether the network dependency syndrome needs to cure or not? People who often use the network more or less have network dependent, but what kind of network addiction requires medical intervention? Japan National Hospital Organization Medical Center Higuchi into the president said that when people used the networks excessively result in a clear health and social problems, which means that you have serious Internet addiction and you need to accept medical intervention.

Before medical intervention, patients will to do network addiction diagnosis, and diagnosis generally consolidates network-dependent test, blood, physical testing, bone density testing, brain MRI examination and psychological testing.

Once you suspect that you have a network addiction, you need to consult the psychological doctor to accept the good treatment effect.