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What is the difference between ideal and Sell DK Gold dream?


This morning, I heard a little boy talked about his dream with his mother, he said: "When I grow up Sell DK Gold, I want to be a scientist, I would invent rockets, airplane and the pistol." I can not help but smile because these things have been invented! However, after I smiled, I began to examine myself. When I was a child, I also had so many dreams like the little boy, but when I grow up, I have no ambition under the cruel reality of the chains, and I even do not have dreams. Or other, I have been grown up and I have knew the impossible things (In fact, only my subconscious thinks it is impossible, but some people have finished), so I give up. I have to admit that I have grown up at this moment, but I have become commonplace. What is the difference between ideal and dream? I check the encyclopedia, ideal is the reasonable imagination, but dream is unrealistic fantasy. I remember a sentence on a book: "Most of time, crazy people do not go into our normal people's world, but normal people go into the crazy people's world." Ideal replaces dream, reality replaces the fairy tale. When we are more and more wise, our dreams are blockaded under the cruel reality of the chains. If we spend much time on achieving our dreams, our country has been worthy of the name of the invention country.