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Why Many People Like To Sell WOW Gold Smoke

Beijing readers Chow Q: I am a 20 years old "smokers." When I write documents and do Sell WOW Gold the planning, I have to get a cigarette, and the brain seems to turn it up. My family has been advised to quit smoking and I also know that smoking is harmful to health. My friends suggested me to go see a psychiatry doctor. I feel very strange: is smoking the mental disorders?

Many people think that smoking is just a habit to relieve stress to gain a fun. The truth is tobacco dependence has been thought as an addictive disorder by the World Health Organization. In other countries, alcohol and tobacco addiction as well as the development of diagnostic criteria for clinical diagnosis and treatment are psychiatrists’ work. Many alcohol addicts may be associated with certain personality disorders or psychological, emotional and other issues. You need a psychiatrist or psychologist to treat.

For most smokers, they are just because of relax and communication at first. In fact, with the increase in frequency and amount of smoking, nicotine and other substances in tobacco cause changes in brain pathways, which allow smokers to experience the euphoria (a physical and mental pleasure satisfaction), appear active thinking, anxiety relief, skeletal muscle relaxation and other "wonderful" feel, like drug addiction, the ultimate development of the tobacco whelmingly psychological dependence or addiction. At this point once you leave tobacco, people will appear irritability (a reaction to excessive state, including annoyance, impatience or anger), sleepiness, hunger, restlessness, anxiety, difficulty concentrating and other "withdrawal symptoms."

Therefore, individual willpower alone is not enough to stop smoking, especially those with moderate to severe tobacco dependence, but also need the help of a doctor for medication, psychological, behavioral and other comprehensive intervention. Psychological counseling can help smokers develop strategies to deal with relapse, such as saving money by quitting reward yourself on a regular basis along with the cessation of the "patients" to share ideas and experiences, uncontrollable urge to smoke through the teeth, wash your face and other ways to help ease the pain and so on. In general, stick 4 to 8 weeks; a craving for tobacco will disappear.