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Why Some People Select the Sell WOW Gold First-Class

For about the first-class cabin, there is a rumor: McKinsey only Sell WOW Gold fly first-class cabin: “if I know a customer in first-class cabin, it will be able to bring a year of income!" Bill Gates hardly sits in first class: “could the first-class fly faster than the economy class?”

Some people say that McKinsey advocated opportunities strategy, but Gates advocated thrift strategy. I think that we should not guess the intent according to the literally meanings, but should analysis from the role of the speaker.

McKinsey is eager to gain customers and the ultimate goal is to cooperate and expand the achievement. So, for him, the core proposition is: the customer which can cooperate. If we analysis this decomposition in deep, and then this proposition contains four elements: the quality of the customer, the customer's aesthetic, customer awareness and customer taste. From this point of view, first class is an ideal threshold, which is similar with trade barriers.

First of all, First Class is like a sieve. It sieve the “unqualified” customers which the income levels, aesthetic requirements, senses and quality are suitable out; at Second, from the cost of time, we can ensure that the first class of the potential customers, which greatly reduces the probability of business pioneers (McKinsey) time cost of waste; again, "daughter buy a house, buy a million gold neighbor”, first class formed a platform to meet specific customers.

When you select the first class, and then you have find a platform enter into the game. At least in the perception of objective, the stranger will have some degree of recognition because you choose first class to avoid systematic bias of Economics xenophobic prejudices. Finally, the choice of first class will give potential customers a hidden sense of security awareness. For the potential target customers, people who sit with you at the first-class have the familiar identity with you. A person who chooses the first-class at last came through the startup period, so he does not need to care about cost. Thus, other psychological implications to select first class: the company is relative stability and security, at least the cost of travel is no longer in the day-to-day cost control areas, in other words, first class reflects your capital and cards.